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​10 Reasons To Use A Serviced Office​

Blog post   •   Feb 28, 2018 09:00 GMT


Serviced Offices are changing the way we work

In the ever-changing and evolving world of business, getting your hands on a prestigious fully furnished business space which offers flexible terms and a competitive location has been quite a challenge in the past. With the dawn of serviced offices, businesses of all sizes have the option to customise their offices to meet their needs with ease and convenience.

As serviced offices become a growing mainstream option for businesses in London, here are 10 reasons why several companies have considered serviced offices and why you should do too.

Best Location In Town

In the United Kingdom there are over 2,500 locations offering serviced offices. A huge percentage of which are located in prime locations and business centres in towns and cities all across the United Kingdom, especially London, making it financially viable to secure real estate in some of the most expensive parts of the Capital.

Flexible Lease Agreements

Conventional, or traditional offices normally have a fixed long-term lease of 3 to 5 years. This would be a challenging commitment for startups, or even established companies when a business potentially turns sour. Serviced offices provide a flexible short-term lease agreement, allowing month-by-month payment schemes. It would allow companies to move in and out of the office with freedom and flexibility, sometimes even within 24 hours notice. Because they offer short-term lease agreements, the rental fee is often higher; however, this agreement comes with far more services and facilities compared to a bare traditional office space.

Low Cost Or No Upfront Costs

Seemingly, a serviced office may look quite expensive, but if you look at the bigger picture, you can distinguish the benefits. A serviced office charges an all-in fee, which includes everything you need, office space rental, facilities and other utilities plus IT equipment and maintenance.


Fully Furnished Offices

You can start operating your business on day one. The serviced office is already equipped with ready to use phone lines, internet connection, IT equipment, office furniture, and even copier machines. Conference and meeting rooms are also available on a pay-per-use hourly basis, which is a practical option.

Third-Party Administration Included

Contracts of serviced offices include several third-party administration services. It includes a receptionist to greet guests and answer phone calls. Some serviced offices even have bilingual receptionists for companies that deal business internationally.

Hassle Free - No Downtime

Less downtime means more productivity. A company has to run smoothly in doing business, be it locally or internationally. Moving in from your old office space to a new one is hassle-free since serviced offices provide a fully furnished space. Your business can simply pick up where it left off.

Technical Support Guaranteed

Time is gold. Every business owner knows that when there is a downtime, they risk losing customers by the minute. An IT support company charges £300 a month for one server and 10 computers, which only includes performing regular health checks to server monitoring. With serviced offices providing IT support and technicians on standby, your business can rest assured that the issue or problem will be dealt with utmost promptness.

Maintenance As Standard

Office maintenance can be costly when it is accumulated over the months. On average, an annual cost for office maintenance in the UK costs about £14.14 per square metre based on the office space. With office maintenance included in your lease contract, any unforeseen downtime may be prevented which would help the business recover any losses during this mishap.

Optional Add-Ons Available

Serviced offices are so convenient since they provide a pay-as-you-use or pay-as-you-need option. Several addon services are available on demand depending on what your company requires. If you require an extra conference room to rent for a few hours, then that’s all you need to pay for.

Opportunities For Networking

Serviced office buildings have several other businesses of different nature, all under one roof, which would be a great opportunity for networking. You will be in a mixture of talented individuals that you can easily connect with directly.

Now that you have distinguished the benefits and advantages that a serviced office can offer, you might already be convinced to rent one. At Office Experts, we work to understand you, and your business identity, in order to find the perfect office space for your needs. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to develop contacts within London's vast property networks. We can locate, and give you access to exclusive areas in London, as well as 1400 other serviced office spaces around the UK. As key players in the industry, we can negotiate preferable rates to suit any budget. In most cases, like with a mortgage broker, our fee will come from the service provider so you will not have to pay for our expertise.

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