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How Can an Office in the City Help to Grow Your Brand?

Blog post   •   Jan 19, 2018 14:40 GMT

Serviced Office City of London

Whether your business is a start-up or already established, choosing a serviced office in the City of London has some major advantages, and can even help you to grow your brand.

Location, Location, Location

75% of Fortune 500 companies have offices in London, for the most obvious reason- The City is accessible to your every need. There are different modes of transportation from buses, 8 TFL stations including different tube lines and mainline train stations. Getting to and from work from the rest of London as well as several outer boroughs is not a challenge at all.

To accommodate work-life balance, you want to be situated in an area that makes it easy to complete chores such as visiting the post office or bank. Within the boundaries of the City of London there are a plethora of major UK and foreign banks, and if you choose a serviced office in the City you can rely on the in-house postal service and say goodbye to wasting your lunch breaking standing in line at the Post Office! Surrounded by cafes, restaurants and the pubs, the City of London is home to some of the finest food establishments in the world. From sky-high Duck & Waffle to Taylor Street Baristas, there’s something for everyone, including high profile clients.

Read more about food and drink in the City here.

Because the City has everything you need within a square mile, it has developed its own business ecosystem and by choosing a serviced office right in the centre, you become a part of the infrastructure, and so does your brand. The reputation of those organisations around you become indicative of what new customers, clients and staff can expect from your own brand.

Appeals to Potential New Hires

Major cities are centers of progress and development, which is a magnet to millennials. They are attracted to the hustle & bustle and fast-paced lifestyle that a metropolis has to offer. The City of London provides a very specific vibe - an effervescent and multicultural atmosphere of like-minded organisations. From business bankers to finance journalists and law firms, brands based in the City choose to establish themselves in this square mile because it represents a prestigious postcode and a sense of thought leadership.

Diversified Talent Acquisition

In 2016, the Business Register and Employment Survey showed that there are 454,700 people that are employed in the City of London alone. That means 1 out of 100 of the United Kingdom’s overall workforce are employed in this small section of London. Finding the right employee for your business is easier when the density of diverse workers is so strong. With a wide variety of culture and skills, one can be sure to expand the recruitment process and be able to select the best man for the job, so to speak. (In fact the gender statistics put female representation at almost 50%). By having a strong team on board, any business can work towards creating consistent and effective branding and begin to develop a solid growth plan.

Networking Opportunities

A business can have greater brand exposure in an area where thousands of people work hard and play even harder! Social networking opportunities have a major impact in creating lasting connections to other people and businesses. Growing a brand is about making connections, either within your serviced office building, with the other organisations in the area, online and in person at business networking events. However you choose to connect with others, take advantage of the fact that with a serviced office in the City, you will find a number of opportunities worth seizing.

At Office Experts we work to understand you, and your business identity, in order to find the perfect serviced office in the City of London for your needs. 

Our experience and expertise has enabled us to develop contacts within London's vast property networks. We can locate, and give you access to exclusive areas in London, as well as 1400 other serviced office spaces around the UK. As key players in the industry, we can negotiate preferable rates to suit any budget.

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